About Brockhampton Court.

At Brockhampton Court, we believe in providing first-class services with kindness, warmth, and care. Set in the stunning Herefordshire countryside, our family-owned nursing home is located in Brockhampton, just 7 miles from Hereford. Our care home offers 47 bedrooms all with en-suite facilities – 31 within the main house and a further 16 rooms in a custom-built extension. Get in touch today to make an appointment with our manager, or request further information.


The once-derelict Brockhampton Court was acquired by Dr Christopher Allen and Mrs Allen in 1996. Since then, the property has undergone a complete refurbishment, including an expansion in 2006, to transform it into the first-class nursing home it is today.

Now retired, Dr Allen was a local GP based in the nearby village of Fownhope. Today, Dr Allen works closely with the team at Brockhampton Court to ensure the nursing home runs smoothly, often visiting with his two Norfolk Terriers – Ruby and Buster – who are extremely popular with the home’s residents.

Our team are dedicated to providing nursing and residential care of the highest standard, combined with a warm and friendly living environment, all within the impressive surroundings of a historically significant house and its stunning 10-acre gardens.

Meet Our Team

Brockhampton Court has over 80 members of staff. Over the years, we have developed a loyal, capable and caring team, with around a quarter of our staff working with us for more than ten years. We are happy to say that this approach has earned us many thank-you letters and cards.

Happy in their work, the team’s dedication and commitment shine through, to create the happy and caring atmosphere that permeates Brockhampton Court, something you will experience for yourself when you visit.

Trained and Qualified Staff

We firmly believe that well-trained, happy, and contented staff are essential to creating a happy and caring environment for residents. 

With at least one nurse on duty at all times night and day, and our wonderful caring and dedicated staff. We are supported by doctors from Fownhope Medical Centre, a few miles away.

Expert Care Services

At our care home, residents always experience the highest possible standard of care.

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